The white split was touched, even though he did not get to the pitch

Captain George Bielko was a little bit sorry for not giving goodbye to top football in the last autumn round of the first league against Baník Ostrava on the lawn. However, the break with his professional career has touched him, and in the final stormy ovation of fans in Eden, the future club member did not keep tears.

“I wanted to say goodbye to the field, unfortunately it did not work, but the coach had other plans, but so much that he won, which is very important,” Bílek told reporters after winning 2-1.

The 43-year-old hit last time in October in the home cup. With Ostrava he started on the bench and he was symbolically prepared at the end to jump on the lawn, but the home defended the lead and finally did not come to Bílka. “We were a bit confident that if it goes, it will take place, but the three points were very important, Jirka did not train fully in the last week, so we decided not to risk anything,” said the coach Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Bílka already officially thanked the club before the match. The teammates got their t-shirts with the words “Thanks, Captain,” and the same thing they did in the pre-recorded video. Attack Milan Skoda handed over to the ending defender a gift basket, from Slavie he also got a picture with a photo of taking a master cup for the last league season and a cake in the form of stitched jersey with his number 20.

“I knew something was going to happen, but the boys surprised me so much, and I had something to do to keep the tear from me, and I did not keep it at the end of the match,” said Bílek.

After the final whistle, he had a speech to the fans. “I was nervous from the beginning, because I was doing the split (the leader of the team), Standy Vlčka.” He spoke long and beautiful, set the bar high, I did not prepare anything, I said it the way I felt it. to my person always positive, for that I thanked them, I was moved to end up chanting my name at the end, it was beautiful, “said Bílek.


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