Hold the deceased mother. Vladimír Růžička junior has changed his number to 62


“About three months ago, I had my father’s signature on my forearm tattooed, which I found in old papers. Someone may say I do not have to keep looking, but I really like the tattoo. They have a symbol for me and they will be remembered for my whole life, “explains the player who entered the new extralig year.

And thanks to his five Canadian points, the Pirates and Tricek are just unbeaten extralig members.

The new number wanted Ruzicka to wear this year’s highest competition, but the coincidence overturned it. “About a month before the start of the league, I decided to change, but unfortunately I said that a day later, before the jerseys went into production.I was told that there was no problem with the jersey with the number 62, but it did not get to the start of the extraliga, “the attacker told him why the first five rounds played with the original 89. But now 62 are ready and just for a match with Sparta, which can be a symbolic symbol for the fledgling puppies. “It could be taken. On the other hand, I might have a new number already on the first lap, if I said the day before.For me, it’s more important to have a new number for another reason. ”

The Ruzicka Juniors Top Rookie Competition first tasted during the 2005/2006 season as a sixteen-year-old, since then has just kept two numbers on its back.

“I started Extraliga with the 23, which I assigned to Slavia, and I left it,” he remembers. “Then I changed the number to 89, I’ve got some five or six years,” it’s back before the 2010/2011 season, and in memories it goes even further into history. “I had a very small 97 as a dad, and I played with 9 since I was 9, because I liked Martin Havlat.” 89, which was the last Ruzicka number, was successful.Will it also bring him 62?

Big Tennis Revolution? The plans for change are somewhat crazy, says Kaderka

So much of the joy of both competitions is brought to Czech fans – over the past five years, two male and four female triumphs. So much tradition is that Davis Cup matches started playing in 1900. But nothing can last forever.

“I was really anxious. According to some members of the ITF International Tennis Federation, the new model is necessary, but I wonder why. The suggestions for changes are devilish, “said MF DNES Ivo Kaderka, the first Czech tennis man, who heard radical suggestions as a member of the FedCup committee.

What’s going on? And why did Kaderka even use the term “deep nonsense”? Even tennis is looking for new ways and especially trying to trade TV rights as much as possible. That is why he intends to reach “the bowels” even with mobile betting traditional team actions.If changes were made at the annual conference that Ho Chi Minh City hosts in Vietnam next year, a lot of security would have fallen from 2018 or 2019.

“Especially at the Davis Cup,” says Kaderka. “It’s a brutish idea to have four players for the single, each one of them playing only one match. In the Olympic season, the entire competition would be only two winning sets in addition to the final. Alternatively, the entire Davis Cup could be a two-week or three-week event, like the Euro Soccer or the World Cup. “

In the lower group, a new challenge, the games would probably have been only for two days.

A Fed Cup ? Extending the Elite to 16 Teams – Why Not. “We agree.There is no risk of falling into the barrage, “says Kaderka, and he also takes the decisive sets to judge the tie-break. But then there’s another idea: to end the Fed Cup with the Final Four in a neutral place. “And I told them their experiences. When the Las Vegas final was hosted in 2000, about six Czechs and ten other people came to the big arena for our match with Belgium, “Kaderka recounts. “What’s the attraction?”

The Czech tennis boss understands that TV rights could come to the price. But…”They operate with a global view and sell something shortened to a reasonable time. But then we will not have full arenas. We would like to get rid of the tradition. I can not imagine that Final Four will play at the other end of the world.How many Czechs or Germans are going to Singapore? “

” People want to see Berdych ” Tennis in the Davis Cup and the Fed Cup balances on an unpleasant edge, but in the 21st century it has to deal with almost every sport. Do you prefer money for television rights, a key source of income, even at the cost of concessions, interference with traditions and customs?

Current proposals are also provoking very practical counter-arguments. “As a 19-year-old president, I explained what a stupid change is,” Kaderka says. “People want to go for the Berdych match, they want to see two top-level singles fighting for themselves from Top 10 players. How can you compare it to the double team squad, maybe to tennis players around 250?places on the ladder? “

And then:” Making fair and good contracts with players is important. I can not imagine that members of the elite tens will spend the whole week with a team playing one single. Davis Cup would have lost his noble tradition, damaging his history. In the betting analysis middle of the debut, until the last moment everything can be open and the fight against Berdych versus Tsong will be decisive. “

Suddenly, countries that do not put together a top duo but have a wider portfolio of players. A slight compensation may seem like a proposal for winners and finalists to be “rewarded” every other year starting at home. “Successful Czechs may like it. If I do not know the others, “says Kaderka.

The first batch of ITF designs is out.What will happen to reality? “It will be a difficult battle, but I do not think it can go that way,” Kaderka believes. If so, 116 years of the Davis Cup tradition would replace somewhat different times.

Opava basketball players kept the Ostrava changed him again

The Ostravas lost Adam Apollo, who is in Cologne – just like the pivot Garret Kerr. “We built the game on Adam, but he is not the first or the last to learn to play in Ostrava and to go for the better,” said Ostrava coach Dušan Medvecký.

The tweeter should replace the 22-year-old Max Guercy, reinforcement. Others are Isaac Sevlie pivot and Sterling Smith shooter. To this came the wings Admir Allic, and youngsters Jan Kelar and Zdeněk Jakub came from Nový Jičín.

Ostrava was missing in the playoffs after six years. “I’d like to go back to him, but when the season shows how strong we are and how our opponents will be,” Medvecký said.He did not want to talk about the strengths and weaknesses of the team. “It will be seen, but we should build on a team game.”

Opava has dropped by one position in the last three seasons. In 2014, they finished third, year after quarter and this fifth…

“As an experienced mathematician, I see the succession and I would like to change it,” said Opava coach Petr Czudek. “It would be nice if we were close to zero. I would also have skipped some space. But seriously, the league will be very balanced. Nymburk, it is clear. Pardubice has a busy team if they manage the European cup and travel.There are a lot of followers at the top four in the first six, for example, Cologne has greatly strengthened, but when it turns out to be how the team is. “

And how are the Opava? “I hope that well, except for the injury of Mirek Kvapil and Filip Zbránka, the preparations were made according to the plan,” said Czudek.

The team did not know the defeat before the season, he won all nine matches. “A lot of people are asking me if there should be a slap. But she came, “said the coach. “In the last match at the Levice tournament we played the final five minutes badly, unconcentrated (Opava defeated Jaszberenyi KSE 82:68 and Astrum Cup won.). If we do not concentrate and play what we have, we can have a problem. “

Opava won the Radovan Kouřil from Prostějov.Who will replace Radim Kramny, who finished in the club? “Venca Bujnoch looks very good in the year because of his wounded knee. But I do not want to shout, “Czudek said. “And when Mira Kvapil heals, the two are able to replace Radima.”

The white split was touched, even though he did not get to the pitch

Captain George Bielko was a little bit sorry for not giving goodbye to top football in the last autumn round of the first league against Baník Ostrava on the lawn. However, the break with his professional career has touched him, and in the final stormy ovation of fans in Eden, the future club member did not keep tears.

“I wanted to say goodbye to the field, unfortunately it did not work, but the coach had other plans, but so much that he won, which is very important,” Bílek told reporters after winning 2-1.

The 43-year-old hit last time in October in the home cup. With Ostrava he started on the bench and he was symbolically prepared at the end to jump on the lawn, but the home defended the lead and finally did not come to Bílka. “We were a bit confident that if it goes, it will take place, but the three points were very important, Jirka did not train fully in the last week, so we decided not to risk anything,” said the coach Jaroslav Šilhavý.

Bílka already officially thanked the club before the match. The teammates got their t-shirts with the words “Thanks, Captain,” and the same thing they did in the pre-recorded video. Attack Milan Skoda handed over to the ending defender a gift basket, from Slavie he also got a picture with a photo of taking a master cup for the last league season and a cake in the form of stitched jersey with his number 20.

“I knew something was going to happen, but the boys surprised me so much, and I had something to do to keep the tear from me, and I did not keep it at the end of the match,” said Bílek.

After the final whistle, he had a speech to the fans. “I was nervous from the beginning, because I was doing the split (the leader of the team), Standy Vlčka.” He spoke long and beautiful, set the bar high, I did not prepare anything, I said it the way I felt it. to my person always positive, for that I thanked them, I was moved to end up chanting my name at the end, it was beautiful, “said Bílek.

Goretzka will decide on her future in the coming weeks

With the help of improved team performance as well as very bold paychecks, Schalke tries to keep Leo Goretzku in his squad. Twenty-one-year-old midfielder has a deal only till the end of the season and there is a new and much lucrative contract on the table, as well as a change in the game …

The Goretzke are watching top clubs from all over Europe, with Bayern Munich, Barcelona or Juventus interested in it, and playing football’s ending contract in this direction.

For a minimum amount or even without a severance Betclic grant, Goretzka does not want to come to Schalke, and the management has offered a contract with a yearly pay of twelve million euros. If the German representative accepts him, he will become the best paid football player in the history of the Gelsenkirchen Club.

“It looks like other clubs are also interested in him and definitely will not want to wait for the decision by June 29. We have not given him any deadline, but it should be announced all in the winter, and I do not know whether he will announce the decision on December 17, or January 2, “said Sports Director Christian Heidel, who remains in contact with Unibet online betting player agent Jörg Neubauer with whom he has a warm relationship.

Moravia proposes its own regulation of the statutes for the election of the chairman of the FACR

The Moravian Chamber came up with its own proposal to amend the Statutes of the Czech Football Association on the election of the President. Against the proposal of the Czech Chamber approved by the Executive Committee, he wishes to include another round in the process in which he would decide the sum of the percentage of votes of the delegates present from each chamber. The mere sum of the votes of the present delegates, no matter the chambers, as suggested by the Czechs, would come in number only in the eventual fifth round.

In June at the General Meeting there was a heel between the Czech and Moravian Chambers, and the chairman was not elected. This is why UEFA and FIFA are also pushing for a statute to be elected by the chairman. Already at the end of June, four different models were discussed, and finally the committee agreed to the Czech Chamber’s proposal that a simple majority of the delegates present, without distinction of chambers, decided in the 4th round. This, however, favors a larger Czech chamber. At the last General Meeting there were 126 delegates from Bohemia and 74 from Moravia, one missing on each side.

At the Friday session in Olomouc, therefore, the Moravian Chamber voted its own proposal to amend the statutes, which counts with five rounds of election. “To approve the election of the chairman in the fourth round, a simple majority of the voices across the chambers, this would be complete suicide for Moravia,” said FAČR vice-chairman for Moravia Zdeněk Zlámal.

“I think that our proposal reflects better the distribution of forces in the Czech and Moravian chambers, and neither of them will be deprived and the presidential candidate will have to look for support in both chambers,” he added.

Even such a model, according to the number of votes at the last general meeting, would have been the victory of the candidate of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, Martin Malík, but would give the Moravian Chamber, which supported the second of the candidates of Petr Fousek, a greater opportunity to talk.

Daniček first struggled, but then he directed the Slovácko to win

Defender Vlastimil Danicek from Slovácko did not experience so many positive and negative emotions in two hours as in today’s rescue contest with Jihlava. The 22-year-old footballer first watched as Tomáš Zajíc did not punish, then missed the opening goal of the Vysočina, gave a stick and dropped another big chance to settle after a break and three minutes to celebrate the winning goal of James Peter.

Slovácko, thanks to a 2: 1 win over the 14th place just above the descent zone. From the penultimate Ostrava it is divided by one point and two from Jihlava, which replaced the opponent today. “Before the game, I thought that we would have dropped a tiny stone from our hearts, but after that I could say that the stone was bigger than we thought,” Danicek said.

The home team entered the game well, but Jiří Krejčí sent Jihlava to the lead. Slovácko continued to dominate, but was incredibly worried at the end. “It was not ideal for us what happened halfway in the cabin, it was emotion, and in two hours I did not feel as positive and negative as it is now,” said Danicek.

He himself hit the pole and did not give another big chance. “I was very upset at half-time, and that’s probably a bad word,” he said. “I did not protect the player from standard, I did not give two chances, and I felt that the first half was my fault, and I was determined to put everything into it so that it broke up, and finally it did,” he said.

In the 49th minute he scored and just three minutes later he scored the second goal, which eventually proved decisive. “We said about the break that we would be adding up to sixteen, going there and paying off,” said Danicek, but he was frightened by another missed chance in the second half of the season.

Olympique Marseille – Konyaspor

When nearly a year ago, Marseille bought the American billionaire Frank McCourt, who had previously owned the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball giant, he was on the European scene with one of the most famous French football clubs. This year, he certainly has the opportunity to move the OM to the basic classes of the European League, where he starts confronting Konyaspor.

For over five years, the Marseilles showcase of valuable trophies remains empty. The last time in 2012 was the Cup for the triumph of the domestic League Cup and nothing since. Fans must be baffled by the fact that France has been holding its big rival PSG for years with unlimited financial means. And last year was Monaco.

McCourt wants to create a project on the Azuro Coast to compete successfully not only with the French environment but also with Europe. However, it is a short time for positive or negative evaluation of its actions. Anyway, one thing is certain. Olympique will not enter this year’s main European League phase in optimal comfort.

In total, Les Phocéens, without any major problems, slipped through both pre-schools, where they encountered Oostende and Domzale, but at the end of August they remained unbeaten. But then two league balls came in, at the back of the nearby Monaco and at home with Rennes, and suddenly the situation was not so pink. During these two rounds, they collected nine goals together!

Coach Rudi García would not like to talk about a minor crisis in his team, but anyway he has been very disturbed by these results. “If you do not win a single duel when you lose the ball in the middle of the pitch, when you have no balance in defense, your opponent will punish you,” he was aware of the duel with Rennes. “I’m not afraid, I’m just sad.”

Despite the poor form, they should have the home quality to get the desired three points. The Turkish opponent is still learning on the European field. “I do not want to see this game anymore, I do not like losing and I feel terrible, but we must not go mad, now we have to win another match and I hope we can do it on Thursday,” Garcia added.

Konyaspor made a comeback in the European League over last year’s victory in the home cup and the group will play for the second time in a row. In the last year, however, his participation among European clubs did not work best, he managed to score only one point against Braze out of six matches. So far, he is still waiting for his premiere three-point result.

Mustafa Resita Akcaye’s coach-in-season season failed, and they lost three rounds in the four-wheeled league and were just above the descent. “If we play tactically, we can achieve success,” the guest strategist thinks. “We know our situation is complicated in the group, but nothing is impossible,” he said, responding to potential ambitions.

Arsenal FC – 1. FC Köln

Supporters of London Arsenal, at least for this season, have to get used to a slightly different match schedule than previous years. After long-term and continuous participation in the Champions League, Kanonyry is expecting Thursday’s European League matches this year, with the first round at home with German Kolin. Even though Arsene Wenger is planning to deploy a Unibet heavily modified eleven, Arsenal’s position as a clear favorite is not so easy to get rid of.

Wednesday’s pre-match training of Wenger’s team was left out by seven players in the usual basics: Petr Čech, Laurent Koscielny, Granit Xhaka, Aaron Ramsey, Mesut Özil, Danny Welbeck and Alexander Lacazette are unlikely to appear on the Emirates Stadium on Thursday. Among the reasons for the free day is not only the lower prestige of the European League, but also the Unibet upcoming Sunday city derby with Chelsea. Players in the broader squad can also look into the set, as do the talented youngsters Nelson and Willock.

Still, Arsenal’s manager declines that any poor performance on Thursday may be masked by the higher importance of the match at Stamford Bridge. “We have a good opportunity to show that we can deal with this, we also played on Wednesday evening in Barcelona and on Saturday afternoon against Everton on Saturday, when it is on Wednesday and Saturday, but it is similar to a Thursday-Sunday schedule, In football, it’s always crucial how you play on a given Unibet online betting day of the match. Three days are a good day for recovery, “Wenger avoids any excuses.

The French coach, however, added that he does not plan to join the European League in the sense of returning to the Champions League, as demonstrated last year by Manchester United’s retreat. “This is not our best chance of getting back there, it’s just one of the options, but it is the best way to qualify through the Premier League, but we want to win Unibet every competition we are in.”

Cologne won the Bundesliga last year’s participation in the European League, which brought him the fifth place. This year, however, Stöger’s coaches have developed worse, because after three rounds they are still waiting for the first point and the table as the only one with the zero at the end is the last one. A noticeable loss was the Unibet departure of the top club shooter Anthony Modeste, who headed for China, and his contribution in the form of twenty-six goals scored would be hard to replace the German club. On English soil, the Colognes have never won, will they be caught by a clear favorite now?

FK Crvena Zvezda – BATE Borisov

Crven Zvezda Belgrade, the Sergeant Sparta, will play with BATE Borisov in the first round of the main groups. In challenging group H, where Arsenal is a great favorite, it will be a key match and a turbulent atmosphere is expected at the Marakana stadium.

Crvena Zvezda is sovereign in the home Super League. In eight rounds she lost only once in a derby with Partizan for a draw 0-0, otherwise all the other games won. The home side is based on a great defensive, but only once and how difficult it is to give Crvené Zvezda a goal could tell Sparta. On the weekend Zvezda defeated Javor Ivanjica smoothly 2: 0.

The reward for long-term great work is the basic group of the European League that Belgrade players have never played. They last appeared in the base of the European Cup in the 2007/2008 season, ten years ago! They did not make a hole in the world because they did not play a point in the four UEFA Cup matches. Now they can look forward to Arsenal, Cologne and BATE Borisov. “We all have a good team at the European League, with BATE having a strong team with experienced players and I believe it will be a very exciting match, and I expect our fans to fill the stadium and enjoy the stadium,” he said. Dutch midfielder serving Crvene Zvezda Mitchell Donald.

BATE was very early on in the Champions League and eventually made his way to the European League. However, there was no charts on the Belarusian side, and the club on the home scene is threatening to miss a championship title this year. The leading Dinamo Minsk is losing four points. However, the last matches are worth respect, BATE beat 4: 0 Šachtër Soligorsk and 2: 0 Slavia Mozyr.